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      unibet网址网(china-njx.com)于2011年9月1日正式上线,2013年8月底推出全新版本。我们的定位是精品中文unibet网址门户网站,是直接面向消费者(B to C)的unibet网址行业网站,除及时全面发布unibet网址行业动态资讯及品牌、产品形象展示外,还致力于向大众推广unibet网址知识、海洋文化及高端生活方式。







* 域名组成:精的拼音首字母(j)+unibet网址的英文单词(yacht)+域名后缀(.com

    china-njx.com officially opened on September 1st, 2011. The founders have successfully created the best Chinese yacht website and a rich online Chinese yacht information resource. It provides first-class services for a different number of manufactures, corporations, marinas, yacht shows and etc.
    china-njx.com is a Business-to-Consumer website. It provides timely news and information and demonstrates various yachts from the global manufactures. It is also dedicated to promoting yacht knowledge, ocean culture and a luxury lifestyle.
    china-njx.com has already had a significant amount of high net-worth customers including yacht connoisseurs, buyers, potential buyers, charterers and yacht industry insiders. It has a big influence on public opinion and has gained a strong and prominent reputation from its audience since it was first launched in 2011. In order to make the web page more customer-friendly, the latest version of china-njx.com was launched in August 2013.

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    1. Yacht purchase: yacht encyclopedia, new yacht recommendations, sea trial and appreciation, purchase guide and used yachts.
    2. Yacht rental: for charter, promotion activities, destination guides and yacht charter guides.
    3. Super yachts: brands, appreciation, for sale, for charter, videos and news.
    4. Yachting life: Sailors, marinas, stories from the sea, universal windows, ocean scenery and luxury lifestyle.
    5. Yacht Services: maintenance, policies and regulations, parts and hardwares, story sharing, nautical knowledge and yacht knowledge.
    6. News & Events: industry news and dynamics, market quotations and investments, comments and analysis, celebrity interview, yacht shows and regattas.